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True32 Shop Tour Video-DVD Format

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Part Number:T32-STV-DVD
This one-hour DVD starts in the showroom of True32 Custom Cabinetry (formerly known as Cornerstone Custom Cabinetry) and continues through each work cell in the shop. You can follow us through each step in the process of building two base cabinets.

The DVD version of the Shop Tour Video has a much higher quality picture than the video version, and has chapters, so you can move from one process to the next at any time, and you also have the ability to pause, fast forward, reverse, etc.

*This DVD does not cover CNC Operations

I videotaped Bob doing each process from the saw through wrapping and loading a small two cabinet transfer batch. By strapping a wireless microphone to his head, and attaching a receiver to the video camera, Bob is able to describe the details of each process as he does each task. This DVD is intended as an overview to the True32 Flow Manufacturing System.

-Mark Poole

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