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Corner Bracket-90 Degree-37mm Setback-includes machine screws to attach hinge plate (each)

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Part Number:KST-22223
  • Removes need for non-standard line boring
  • Allows you to use standard hinge plate
  • Allows you to use standard hinge
  • Removes need to stock special application hinge and plate
  • WORKS with GRASS hinges

Shown with hinge plate installed (Hinge plate is NOT INCLUDED)

This bracket can be used for a Blind Corner cabinet application, and allows the blind panel to be line bored at a standard 37mm setback, and in your standard vertical location. Your standard hinge plate (GRASS brand) is then installed to the bracket with a machine screw, and you can then use your standard application hinge (GRASS brand).

This bracket can save time by removing the need for special boring locations to accommodate special application hinges. It can also save you money, space and time by removing the need to stock additional special application hinges and plates.

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